quick facts about me

I specialize in maternity and newborn portraiture.  I have a passion for capturing and preserving moments for families through photos.  

I fully listen to my clients’ needs and their vision for custom portraits utilizing my design skills when planning each session right down to the colors that are used. While I love the delicate details of tiny newborn fingers and toes, I also love framing irreplaceable moments for pregnancy into a gorgeous landscape scene.

I'm Julie - the photographer behind the lens and artist of the portraits you see here on my website.


+ I have a super supportive husband and 2 beautiful little girls.

+ I'm only 4'11 so I look like one of the kids.

+ I am a believer in Jesus.

+ I am a huge germaphobe and I may or may not wash my hands too much.

+ I am always cold so I typically have a sweater with me at all times.
+ I love to drink the black iced tea from Starbucks, but there has to be more ice than tea in the cup for me.

quick facts about me

So you'd probably like to know more about who you are trusting to capture your special moments for you.  Scroll through for a list of some of my personal favorite things and fun facts about myself! 

and my favorites

my style

I absolutely love home decorating.  Watching HGTV makes my head swirl with ideas.  I would consider my home to be very inviting with photos of my family on the walls and decor that match from room to room.  My favorite places to shop for home decor are Hobby Lobby, Kirklands, Pier 1, and Michaels!  

modern and warm

my design style

I have an obsession with skies!  You will never find two of the same scenes as it is constantly changing.  There is something mesmerizing to me about watching a serene sunrise, soaking in the mid afternoon bright sun, or enjoying the warm light of a sunset.

way to relax

my go to

I drink 2 cups of coffee per day with chocolate creamer and sugar in them.  One in the morning and another one in the afternoon.  Complete opposite of my tea, I like my coffee to be extremely hot and will not drink it warm.  I learned a new trick to heat my creamer before brewing the coffee and I have never looked back.


i need my

I love inspirational quotes.  One of my favorites is "Nothing worth having comes easy" by Theodore Roosevelt.  It can be applied to every aspect in life and I am reminded that if it were easy, everyone would do it!

motivational quote

my favorite

If I get to choose where we are going for dinner, it's going to be Olive Garden.  I am usually too full on the salad and breadsticks before they bring the actual meal out so I am always leaving with a to-go box in my hand and a really full belly!

place to eat

my favorite

The birth of my first daughter sparked that interest in photography as I wanted to capture each milestone. It continued to grow after the birth of my second daughter.  So, after 18 years in the mortgage banking industry, I decided to follow my passion.

I have been photographing other families for the past 7 years demonstrating my exceptional attention for detail and utmost patience when working with newborns and children. I have studied the art of photography specifically in the areas of maternity and newborn portraiture. I also continue to dedicate a lot of time honing my craft.

"Photography is the story I fail to put into words."
- Destin Sparks

the reason I became a photographer

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